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  • Pain below the left shoulder blade can be the cause of many diseases. Diseases characterized by pain syndrome on the left side below the shoulder blade, their diagnosis. Prevention of recurrent pain.
    15 July 2022
  • What is this disease - cervical osteonecrosis? Symptoms and characteristics of the disease. Modern methods of treatment of ankle osteosarcoma.
    16 January 2022
  • Types of back pain - pain after sleeping, diseases of the spine and joints, diseases of the muscles, diseases of the spinal cord and psychiatry. Localization of back pain. Diagnose, treat, and prevent back pain. When you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.
    30 July 2021
  • Lumbar spinal cord tumors, why osteoarthritis of the spine, stages of the disease, symptoms of the disease, diagnosis of stages of the disease, massage, physical therapy, physical therapy and otheralternative treatments, solving surgical problems.
    14 January 2021