Reviews Hondrostrong

  • Sandra
    The drug helps during ceased he hurt his knee. I understand that this is not a miracle cure, but I read that long use is possible. If necessary, repeat the course.
  • Mario
    Informed the damage, which is now to be felt severe pain. Applied twice a day for a few months, that became much easier.
  • Martina
    Held Hondrostrong the mother was constantly complaining that the struggles, the arthritis pain. I really like the natural, because mom's allergic. Satisfied with the results.
  • Zoran
    He worked in the iron in the room, somewhere, overdid it a bit, and then a nasty bouquet. Hurt too much, a colleague told me this cream. To make it easier, not immediately, but over time the situation has improved.
  • Ivana
    Happened to the doctor, but he didn't. But come over to the price available, I decided to try. Well, 20 years ago was not, of course, but now you fly again.
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