The knee Osteoarthritis

The most common complaint one Of to hear from the doctors to the patients with pain in the knee. Caused by What, you say that it is not always immediately because of the knee, the suffering from the various diseases, one of which is the osteoarthritis of a knee. The known mint gonarthrosis, which means that one defeat, a community, which is a generally non-inflammatory in nature, and contributes to the destruction of cartilage, bone deformities and restriction of movements of the patient.


There are two main forms of the disease:

  • primary. It looks like the improper development of joints at birth;
  • secondary. It seems, as a result of diseases or other injuries.

Usually The primary form of developing a childhood, and is caused by incorrect or formation of joint ligaments. They are during physical activity are exposed to heavy loads, as well as deformed.

The secondary form of the disease caused by the following factors:

  • injuries (bruises, sprains, dislocation, fractures), which contribute to the disruption of the structure of bones, tendons, cartilage. This is the reason for the post-traumatic form of a disease;
  • the transfer of operations to remove the meniscus to damage a structural integrity of the knee.
  • too much load on the leg (typical for athletes);
  • the overweight, than to provoke a lot of pressure on a test weight of a cartilage in the knee joints;
  • arthritis (joint inflammation). A long-lasting disease, the formation of excessive fluid in a cavity, which is the cause complications;
  • a disturbance in the metabolism, which is the cause of the salt deposits;
  • different surgery on a knee;
  • diseases, which are characterized by long, muscle cramps in the leg muscles or the veins.

The development of the disease can be unilateral or bilateral form. The injury is likely the reason for unilateral osteoarthritis, and obesity fog to trigger bilateral.

The symptoms of the disease

Knee osteoarthritis symptoms showing gradually. Patient years ago, you could not know how sick he is, mint a visible change in the shape of a knee with severe pain or not. The arthrosis of the knee joint, 1 degree is often associated with unpleasant, painful sensation in the knee, but some in this section refers to the doctor. Prone that this is a disease after women age 40, who suffer from overweight. Primarily contributes to the disease, the presence of varicose veins. In this phase, possible cure for the disease at home, without the use of drugs and ointments.

Pain in the disease suddenly, and then gradually, sometimes over several years. Occur sports, walking, physical or other activity. This sharp pain may be a symptom of osteoarthritis, but is the consequence of a fracture, trap the meniscus or injury. The patient If you feel severe discomfort, it is certainly a knee to 2 degrees. To avoid pain, the person tends to be more time stationary state, but after the resumption of physical activity an unpleasant feeling always comes back.

Symptoms such as deformation, accompanied by deforming arthrosis of the knee joint. Noticeable This will be a second or third stage of a disease. The first symptoms: knee is slightly swollen, but it will keep its shape. The last stage is a form of change that could be that one leg is shorter or longer. Patient drugs drink to mint a hondroprotektory (contribute to the regeneration of a cartilage tissue).

Synovitis (accumulation in the synovial cavity fluid), this indicates that the progression of the disease. If the liquid is too much, it may be that the so-called Baker's cyst – a tumor in a glenoid of a page, a common. Flexible cyst becomes noticeable when a knee is straightened. Easy to handle, cure medical intervention.

One of the most characteristic symptoms of the crisis, what is remarkable, when a disease stage of 2. 3. The most important thing– to distinguish a registered, crunch the joints healthy man, or a boring change, it was crispy, a patient. It is caused due to the weakness of ligaments, height or mobility. Ensure other, the joints, the patient is recommended to wear knee braces for osteoarthritis.

The limited mobility of a knee manifested to a later stage of the disease. In this case, the patient can not fully straighten or bend the leg, mint causing severe pain. If the disease is in advanced stages of 3, my knee is completely real, since the fusion of the joints. This should be applied to the condition, injections, ointments, or other products, preparations, relieve pain, and the procedure, the surgeon, because or regular massage folk medicine is powerless against the fused bones.

Stage of gonarthrosis

Three stages of osteoarthritis:

  • from the moment you start the first stage before visible symptoms of the disease artist, or year. Complain about A brand, it hurts the legs, that occur on a regular basis. This is especially true for the first steps, up a flight of stairs or down, and when of bed in the morning. The images show narrowing of the inter-articularis gap. Usually, instead of a special, patients often use the popular ointments, tinctures, or preparations;
  • the second stage is characterized by severe pain that can't be stopped, even in the resting state of the limbs. Accompanied by the crisis. A joint cavity to accumulate fluid x-rays show that the beginning of a deformation expansion of the bones. The patient in this phase heavily restricts the movement of the affected limb. Reduces the discomfort, a medical professional can prescribe the injections, no problem, a host chondroprotectors;
  • finally, the third stage, the pain becomes constant and is often worse during the weather changes. X-ray shows significant deformation of the knee, which can be just a eliminate surgery, the patient must drink a complex chondroprotectors. The patient's gait variables: deforming arthrosis of the knee joint and contributes to a walk, or a slightly bent leg, or get.

The treatment of the disease

Treatment of osteoarthritis a knee depends on the severity of the disease, the knee. Is a chronic nature of the pathology will help you to come to an asymptomatic stage (when the active manifestation of a disease with minimal, or no, it exists). Physiotherapy treatment combined with a drug use, in particular, chondroprotectors, gives a positive result.

Treatment goals are the following:

Massage osteoarthritis of the knee joint
  • to reduce the pain;
  • renovated by various means, a cartilage, and ligaments;
  • a in increase a movements of the extremities.

Among the methods of treatment are the following:

  • the use of drugs (chondroprotectors);
  • the doctor surgery;
  • rehabilitation center (physical therapy, physiotherapy, massage, other tools).

A drug, known, mint chondro, true, you will be able to choose a doctor. This is categorically forbidden to order seeds, mint chondroprotectors you are strong enough medicine.

All selected med. the products, which are designed to:

  • removing pain and inflammation. For this purpose, the cavity of a joint, a hormone or non-hormonal drugs type;
  • improving the blood supply to the leg. There are drugs that relieve spasms of the blood vessels or muscle;
  • a healer, a cartilage tissue. Developed special products – all kind of chondroprotectors, a excellent impact on the affected community. Have the necessary nutrients to the cartilage tissue. Chondroprotectors the ability to take a test, new cartilage.

Produced medicines in the form of ointments, injections, or other way.

In addition, a popular treatment, the massage osteoarthritis of the knee joint. Carried out in accordance with doctor, massage, ointment, allows you to relax permanently tight by the muscles involved disease, a knee, which reduces the pain (better than injection). Massage a ointment will help you to increase the number of the movements performed by the legs, the fixed position of the bones home to increase flow. If pathology has moved to the third stage, the usual ointment, or an injection does not help, then a surgical intervention. The doctor a patient with an implant a metal prosthesis, which is designed to a replace not working legs. Such implants should be changed every year, the surgery itself is quite expensive.

Recreation complex exercises for osteoarthritis of the knee, a patient will have to perform under the strict supervision of a doctor. Ezek exercises with a purpose:

  • improves blood circulation;
  • improve muscle tone at home. For example, kinesitherapy includes studies in patients with special simulators.

Physical therapy

In addition, popular physiotherapy methods (UHF and ultrasonic treatment, light therapy), which, although not essential, but will greatly help to speed up the healing process. Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the knee joint, physical therapy is effective mint to reduce the pain. Specific methods of physiotherapy, depending on the extent of the disease is determined by the physician. In addition, a rehabilitation include injections to reduce the pain, help the ointment, etc.


Exercises for osteoarthritis of knee is one of the main method, which allows you to develop atrophied muscles. Physical therapy for osteoarthritis of a knee joint, be careful to do it slowly. If you feel the patient, the resumption of pain, it's time to stop training. During exercise, convenient, useful to use special knee braces for osteoarthritis.

The rehab group includes therapeutic methods for orthopedic type. They purpose a for, to reduce the load on the knee, gradually shifting the cane, teeth. Many specialists prescribe knee braces for osteoarthritis. A patient It helps to facilitate some walking, so minimally painful.


Mint a special diet for osteoarthritis, usually, often, which aims to reduce the weight of the patient, in most cases, mint it's a big overload of weight on the joints. A diet of eating small portions, every 3 hours. The weight loss in your daily diet, you should add a lean meat (chicken, Turkey, rabbit) and eliminating fat (lamb, pork). Plant protein should come from legumes. The diet, the diet must be replaced by the refined petroleum, as well as a reduced salt intake.

Diet osteoarthritis

Medical diet during the failure, a minimal consumption or a canned, smoked, fried foods (appetite suppressant). In order to restore destroyed cartilage, it is necessary to provide the body with the complex carbohydrates (grain products wheat flour). The diet should be supplemented with fruit juices (beet, carrot, Apple). They will withdraw the poison materials from the body and reduce the effects of inflammatory processes.

A diet should include a fish and jelly works like a kind of cartilage, and helps to create new cartilage. It is worth noting that one cannot assign themselves to diet, the best version will be able to select just a nutritionist (diet specialist).

The traditional methods

Particular attention must be paid to the fact that the traditional methods in the fight against the disease (treatment at home). A lot of ointments, compresses, or other popular liqueurs to offer, healers, and lovers of folk medicine herbs, based on the fajbiológia bile -to improve the blood circulation of the patient community. The purpose of effect, improves blood circulation, muscle relaxation. With this tool package often. A efficiency is very high, so this method is used sometimes the doctors or traditional medicine (drugs). A compress should be bandaged with wool, which warms the sore spot. Of course, folk remedies hardly can greatly help a osteoarthritis is 3 degrees, but a further cure folk methods, properties should not be neglected, because it alleviates the discomfort and eliminate the main symptoms of the disease.

One of the most popular recipes of folk medicine can be applied at home:

  • a method for the horseradish. According to a folk-bets allowed, to enhance the therapeutic properties of horseradish, it is recommended that a pre-grind and bring to the boil. You will need to apply to the affected area;
  • the application is a iodine, a medical bile, ammonia, glycerol, honey can be. All the ingredients of a popular mix mix, infuse for 10 days, then apply it to a sore knee. This medicine is very effectively;
  • about the cold compress of cabbage leaves. It happened one fresh leaves of cabbage soaked in honey, and then applied to the leg. Strengthens the therapeutic effect of the insulation fleece fabric-plastic or foil. Suitable for This drug of all ages;
  • the ointment is an Armenian root vodka.

Osteoarthritis of a knee is enough variety in the treatment decision of the patient, the doctor into account age and physiological characteristics. It can be shots, creams, knee braces osteoarthritis, and other drugs. The prevention and control of the disease at an early stage and can be used in a physical therapy osteoarthritis of the knee joint. A tall, timely treatment, people can save money, I don't do much damage.