Instructions for use Hondrostrong

Cream Hondrostrong using simple to follow the instructions. Very nice, it uses a very economical means. Offer the most favorable conditions for the customer in Croatia, we guarantee originality.


Cream against arthritis and to restore the common work:

  • fast;
  • effective;
  • without any side effects.

Manual Hondrostrong

The employee within one and a half-two months the problem area three times a day. Squeeze some in your hand and start to RUB light massage movements into problem areas until absorbed.

The texture is light, scent is pleasant, greasy residue after use left. The pain goes away soon, you can begin the active work of regeneration of the damaged articular bone tissue.


How to use the tool, we realized that the indications for the use of, or have any comments on the cartilage tissue, joints, characterized by pain. There are no contraindications, but it is impossible to eliminate the risks in individual intolerance. The rest of the bio-repair cream, joints, cartilage, or bone Hondrostrong a solid advantage.